Professional Courses

Passion is new trend today. Follow it and stay happy while enjoying your work. Sound Garden's Courses are designed for aspirants interested in following subjects. Details available on request.

PHOTOGRAPHY - 6 Weeks (3 Level)

  • Level 1 - Foundation (Basics of camera)
  • Level 2 - Intermediate (Lighting techniques)
  • Level 3 - Advanced (Product & Fashion)
    Includes Image Touch up, Digital make over, complex lighting, color correction.
    Further details on request

(Non-Musician- 3 Months & Musician - 6 weeks)

Digital music has changed the scene of music since last 5 years. More and more youngsters are opting this as a career due to its vide range of opportunities like being at Radio stations, News Channels, Recording studios or own production. Bollywood has witnessed new music producers in last 2-3 years who have contributed hit music and songs . If you have a passion of creating your own music and looking to produce your own tracks professionally, this course is right for you. Request for full details and course fees.


Want to know the magic of Hollywood film editing ? Join this course to explore and understand the designing of films. Editing is not just about cuts and transitions, it is beyond that.

  • Interface introduction
  • Editing tools
  • Video formats
  • System configuration
  • Down and Up conversion
  • Composite mode
  • Motion tracking
  • Pan and Crop
  • Master and slave tracks
  • Masking
  • Event FX with Track FX and Master FX
  • Editing native 4k footage in real time
  • Template edit and Composing
  • Dolby 5.1 surround mapping for video/films
  • Multi track editing in real time
  • Colour Correction
  • Secondary Correction
  • DVD/Blue Ray authoring
  • HI Q text generation
  • Motion blur automation
  • Motion blur automation
  • Media generator tools
  • Chroma key composting
  • Finalising video mastering
Fee structure available on request.


Gen Next Studio inspires, initiates and motivates truth and truth oriented transformation, so that you can become all that you can be - as an Individual, as an actor, and as a contributor to a higher cause in life. The course is a truth seeking journey of exploration that a student chooses for himself. The classes are limited in size, ensuring one on one interaction, and individual development of every student. The various modules conducted at the studio are designed in a way�that helps students not only in the process of self discovery, but also facilitates them to act naturally and honestly in front of the camera.

The different modules are:
  • Basics of acting
  • Elementary acting
  • Advanced acting
  • Relaxation and imagination
  • Concentration and observation
  • Monologue study
  • Character study
  • Improvisation
  • Voice
  • Diction
  • Auditions technique
  • Scene study
  • Variations to a theme
  • Body movement
  • On the marks technique
  • Film appreciation
  • Basics of camera
  • Advanced camera
  • Video shoots for show reel
  • Building a Career as a Professional Actor
Every student is provided with a show reel at the end of the course.
Contact for course fees and other details